5 ways retirement homes are benefiting elderly people

Now is the time when retirement is not seen as the age to sit back and remember the good old days.
Adults and senior now look at it as the age to relish a new and better life, a different lifestyle and a
home with like-minded people who have the zeal to live the second innings to the fullest.

At times, leaving family and moving to retirement homes in India can be a problematic affair. But,
when the older adults get the option to live the luxuries of post-retirement life, who would say a no!

Keeping aside the safety concern, here are the five reasons retirement homes are a better place for
older adults:

Personalized, one-to-one care
After the age of retirement, age becomes a significant factor of concern. The luxury old age homes
in India ensure that there are no age-related issues to any individual. There are times when staying
away from family may affect the physical or mental wellbeing. It is the primary concern of these
homes to have one-to-one personalized caring and compassionate staff who will address the issues
of the people. This ensures that the loved ones are not left out and feel the comfort of family and home.

Age-related lifestyle
Different people have different age-related issues; some are hereditary, some develop with time.
Every problem has a different remedy. Such homes have customized lifestyle scheduled as per the
health and prosperity of their well-being. The aim is to make them independent and happy till the
time they stay. They believe that the body is your temple, and our range of activities will help raise
your levels of physical fitness. Go for a swim with your friends or spar over a game of table tennis.
Energise your daily routine with a badminton match or long walks. Or opt for regular Yoga classes
and other fitness options at the gym and activity centers.

Safety gives peace of mind and so are the retirement homes in Chennai are known for. The place
has been the safest and most friendly location for the older adults as the old age homes are safe and
guarded 24*7 by trained and equipped security staff. CCTV cameras are installed at vantage points
for round-the-clock surveillance. We ensure that each staff member is regularly trained on first aid,
and we hold regular fire drills.
Emergency response systems are enabled in the individual apartments. Some houses also provide
24/7 emergency care, with on-call doctors and ambulances. Also, many of them have healthcare and
medical camps at regular intervals.
Hassle-free Living
After a lifetime full of household and work-related worries, it is the time of natural living and
tension-free life. Since there is a provision of supplies, the home never sees the shortage of any
essentials. All essential services such as garbage disposal, cleanliness of common areas, and regular
maintenance of infrastructure are taken care of. The people enjoy the comfort of electricians, plumbers,
and maintenance specialists on call.

Company of Like-Aged people
At this age when they seek company, these homes not only provide shelter but also the company with
whom they can sit and relax, share their thought and have a good time. The people can indulge in their
age-related activities with their peers. Moreover, they enjoy daily activities like dining, occasions,
walks, etc. together.

For a home that you ever wanted for your elderly ones, the solution stands right here. Ashiana Housing
brings the most suitable retirement homes in India. They cater to the interests of people and provide
amenities that most old age homes don’t have. It is a home where the people have a family apart from
the blood relations they have. It has now become a place where they live, celebrate and aspire to a
healthy life. They have the freedom to explore the opportunities, learn new art forms and engage in
events they always wanted to, during their busy lives.

While figuring out a right home looks difficult or expensive, Ashiana provides the best housing
experience and luxury homes. The property is designed taking into account all the needs an individual
would have and giving them the liberty of hassle-free lifestyle. The company has projects in different
geographies, thus making it a viable option for people around the country.

As the lifetime earnings are at stake, there needs to be a proper evaluation of the place where one
chooses to stay.


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